Water Well hand pump options: Which is more suitable for you?

Installing hand pumps is always a good idea. This is slowly becoming a trend in today’s times because people need to be prepared for any kind of emergencies, especially hurricanes. Lack of clean water for consumption and other activities is a big issue in many countries. Therefore, it is better to have a water well hand pump installed as a backup source of water which you can fall back on during difficult times.

Water Well hand pump options

If you are thinking of getting a water well hand pumps installed at your place, you first need to identify which type of hand pump is suitable for your location.

Types of water well hand pumps

There are basically two types of Water Well hand pumps- 4′ to 25′ and 4′ to 50′. Your choice depends on the ease of accessing the water table under the ground.

4′ to 25 Water Well Hand Pumps

Shallow water well hand pumps are used in places where the water level is less than 22 feet down. Not much of digging is required and the water can be easily procured through the pump. These pumps are available at a reasonable cost and are easy to install. There is a pump head and handle. Up to 25 feet of riser pipe sections are provided with the hand pump so that there is no difficulty in installing it. A foot valve is also provided in order to protect the hand pump from freezing.

4′ to 50′ Water Well Hand Pump

In case you need to dig deeper into the ground to access the water table, it is better to go for the 4′ to 50′ hand pump. This hand pump is a heavy duty one to pull out water from a deeper level and is equally easy to install. However, the time taken in installation is longer. This water well hand pump also comes with a foot valve, riser pipe sections, pump head and handle and PVC housing.

Advantages of choosing the right water well hand pumps

  • Both the hand pump types are extremely durable and can withstand bad weather.
  • They offer optimum performance by pumping water from any level in a large volume.
  • They do not require much maintenance.
  • They are super easy to install. Anybody can do the installation on their own.
  • They come at a very reasonable price.
  • You can get rid of the worry of not having access to water resources during emergencies.

With so many advantages, you can go for either of the two water well hand pumps.

The only difference between them is the depth of digging and the length of pipe required. If you need more length of pipe than what is provided, you can purchase the extension set. Do try out these products to get your very own hand pump.