Drying-Out Water Well

How to Deal with Drying-Out Water Well

Wells naturally dry out after many years of use. However, different factors could drain a well faster, like drawing out a lot of water frequently.

It’s better to be ready when your private water source runs out of supply. It is a vital need for everyone; thus, you should ensure its availability for your home.

So, know how to determine if your supply is already drying out and the step to fix the problem.

You may also consider using an emergency water well kit to drill a new structure immediately.

Four Common Signs of Drying-Out Wells

You probably have a depleting private well if you notice these signs:

1. Change in Water Quality

A change in water appearance and taste is the most common sign of drying-out private wells. The liquid could become discolored, taste odd, and look muddy despite sufficient filters in your supply line. 

This problem may happen because of depleting groundwater, where your pump draws out sediments instead of clear liquid.

2. Low Water Pressure

Another common sign of drying out groundwater is the water pressure decrease in your home. The liquid only trickles with some air out of your faucets as the pump fails to draw out sufficient water.

3. Overworked Pump

Groundwater depletion causes your pump to work harder to fill the tank and maintain ideal pressure. If it fails to collect sufficient water, it may work significantly longer than usual or turn on and off throughout the process. 

4.     Similar Problems in the Neighborhood

Remember that other factors may also cause the problems mentioned above, like pipe or pump damage. However, groundwater depletion is a likely cause if your neighbors experience the same issues too. 

Your community is probably drawing out supply from similar aquifers or underground rock layers. So, if the aquifers dry out, private wells in your area will have the same problem.

How to Fix Your Dry Private Well

As mentioned above, different factors may cause particular well water problems. It is thus better to hire a professional, well-contractor to assess the situation if you think your supply is drying out.

You may then select from these options after ensuring that your supply is depleting:

1. Lower Your Pump

The aquifers may still have a sufficient supply, but their level drops below the pump. Thus, the device cannot draw out water efficiently.

In this case, the solution could be as simple as lowering the pump and adding more pipes to reach the groundwater. However, use a submersible pump for it to work, as you can’t lower down a jet pump.

2. Drill Deeper

You may tap into another aquifer deeper underground to replenish your supply. In this situation, you must drill deeper for your pipes and pump to reach the new groundwater source.

You may consult a land surveyor or a professional well contractor to determine if this solution suits your case.

3. Hydrofracturing

Hydrofracturing is a process of clearing sediment and silt blockage from an aquifer. It allows groundwater to flow into the aquifer, refilling your old supply.

However, you must hire a professional contractor for hydrofracturing. They will first assess if this method suits your condition. For example, they will check the presence of sufficient groundwater that could flow into the aquifer. 

After which, they will use professional tools to clear the blockage from the aquifers.

4. Build a New Private Well with an Emergency Water Well Kit

You may have to build a new well if there’s nothing you can do to fix your old dry structure.

One option is to hire a contractor to build a new one in your place. However, you may also use a DIY kit to handle the project for a cheaper choice.

The kit usually contains an auger, pump, screen, and cap. So, you may have to buy additional materials from your local hardware store, like some pipes. 

Moreover, determine the correct spot and depth to drill to reach an ideal groundwater source. Also, don’t drill near contaminants like septic tanks and waste storage, and avoid hitting underground utilities. 

Use an Emergency Water Well Kit to Drill a New Structure Immediately

You must have a stable water source in your home. Thus, you should know how to deal with drying out well immediately to keep your vital supply.

So, remember the points above if you think your groundwater source is running out. Then, consider using an emergency water well kit to construct a new one.