drilling a well

How long does it take to drill a well and when can we start using the water?

Building a private well is an excellent idea to enjoy a stable water supply for your household.

However, you probably hesitate to start the construction project as you worry that the drilling process will take a long time to complete. You want to ensure you can handle the project, especially when using an Emergency water well kit.

Fortunately, the drilling procedure will only take a few days and the entire construction project about one to two weeks. 

However, some factors may still extend the project, from surveying your land area until you enjoy a freshwater supply. So, read on and know the overall timeline of private well installation to prepare before starting.

Steps and Overall Timeline of Well Water Installation

1. Land Survey

Remember that land properties are unique from each other, and the features on your property could affect your construction project. A land survey is thus crucial  before you start drilling as it determines a few vital points about your property area, like:

  • Soil type
  • Correct spot to drill
  • Correct depth
  • Appropriate tools and techniques

These details will help you efficiently build a water source to sufficiently supply your household needs. 

For example, a land survey helps locate the correct spot to drill a hole, away from contaminants like septic tanks and landfills. This is crucial to ensure you draw out clean water from the ground and avoid diseases.

These details will also help you find underground aquifers and help decide how deep you should drill to reach the groundwater supply. Aquifers are rock layers that hold the groundwater deep beneath the surface.

You must hire a professional land surveyor to handle the task as it requires sufficient skills, knowledge, and equipment to perform. They can finish the land survey within a day or a week.

2. Drilling and Equipment Installation

You can immediately proceed with the drilling process after the land survey. Consider the depth you have to drill to estimate how long it would take to finish digging.

You must drill at least 100ft deep to avoid surface contaminants and 100 to 800ft to reach the aquifers. Now, drilling machines can dig between 200 to 300ft per day, so you need around two or three days to complete the process.

However, some factors could slow down the drilling procedure, like having to bore through underground rocks. You may need to use a professional machine to handle this task. Refer to the land survey results to determine the presence of underground boulders and your property’s soil type.

You can proceed with installing the pipe, pump, and concrete cap after drilling the hole and completing the installation within a day or two.

3. Water Testing and Purification

Safety is a significant concern for private wells as different contaminants may reach into the pipe, like bacteria and fertilizers. Natural minerals may also mix into the water, which can stain clothes while washing or damage the plumbing system.

A professional water test helps detect these contaminants and minerals. Your private well contractor can handle the process by collecting water samples for testing and providing results within one to three days. You may also submit samples to a contractor handling the project with an emergency water well kit.

After the test, purify the well to remove the contaminants and minerals. Purification makes drinking water safer and keeps your household away from certain diseases. It also softens the water and prevents any damage that minerals can cause. This step takes one a day to complete.

How Long Do Private Wells Last

As you can see, you may only need around one to two weeks to build a private well. You can then expect it to last between 30 to 50 years before drying out, depending on some factors like:

  • The amount of groundwater in the aquifers
  • Frequency of use
  • Amount of water you usually collect

On a side note, you may need to replace the pump every 8 to 15 years, depending on its condition. It may sustain more wear and tear because of factors like frequent use.

Use an Emergency Water Well Kit for Building a Well in Your Private Property

You now know that private well construction takes about one or two weeks to complete. You must thus start preparing for the project immediately by consulting a land surveyor to check your area. 

You must also use the best emergency water well kit to drill a hole for your construction project efficiently.