How to Find and Collect Water in the Wilderness

Most people have a very careless attitude towards water usage. On a daily, basis a lot of water gets wasted just because of the lack of awareness about the importance of preservation. So many places all over the world are becoming victims of droughts because of the acute shortage of water. What is the answer to this serious issue?

How to Find and Collect Water in the Wilderness

We need to look for additional sources of water along with preserving the sources which we have access to. One way to find new sources of water is to explore the wilderness. If you think that the water collected from such sources is unfit for consumption, there are ways to purify it instantly. Here are a few ideas how you can find and collect water in the wild.

Using a DIY Water Well Drilling Kit

A great way to locate water in the wild is to dig a well into the ground. The best site for digging is a dry riverbed or creek bed. It is very likely that though the surface water has evaporated, there is still some water under the ground. You can make use of the DIY Water Well drilling kit for this purpose which contains everything that you require to dig a well- a 25 foot hand pump, wall screen assembly, well cap assembly and an auger. You need to go on digging till you reach the second clay layer under the ground. When the soil becomes darker and cooler, it is an indication of presence of water. Once you set up the pump, you need to use a filter to pass that water through. There are many portable filters available nowadays. You can carry one along and get pure water for consumption as soon as it is pumped. The DIY Water Well drilling kit is very easy to use and install.

Collecting rainwater

This is a really good source of water because you can collect a lot of water in a short time and without much effort. You just need to place a container in the rain to get as much of water as you want. Such collected water also needs to be filtered before use.