DIY Water Well: An emergency water source for preppers

Water is one of the top things that preppers prefer having access to in times of emergencies because it is important for survival. However, it can be very difficult to find alternate sources of drinking water during a crisis. This is where the concept of a water well comes in. These water wells are not meant for just emergency installation. You can get create a water well on your property today itself with the help of the DIY Water Well drilling kit.

Here’s what you need to do to get your very own hand pump within a few hours:

  • You need to locate a spot where you can easily install the pump without the chances of it coming in the way. Once you select the spot in your yard, you can buy a DIY Water Well drilling kit to get started.
  • The first step is to dig a hole into the ground with the help of the auger provided in the kit. Three layers of the soil are to be penetrated- top soil, clay layer and the sand water layer in order to reach the water table. The depth of the whole depends on the location of the water table but generally, it is 25 feet.  
  • After the creation of the hole, you need to insert the screen assembly which helps in filtering the water before it gets pumped out.
  • The gap around the PVC pipe needs to be filled with pea gravel and sealed with cement and water mixture in order to make the pump more stable and fix it to the ground. (See instructional video)
  • The hand pump can go into the pipe next to flush out all the muddy water.
  • After this is done, the cap assembly needs to be put in place and the handle of the pump installed.

Your hand pump is ready for use. Such a DIY water well can be of tremendous help during droughts or other natural calamities. The problem of scarcity of water gets resolved once and for all. You can have access to clean drinking water throughout the year and especially during emergencies. These hand pumps are very easy to install with the help of the DIY Water Well drilling kit. Investing in such a kit is a wise decision rather than going without water later. It can prove to be a life saver. Do give it a try as soon as possible.