How To Drill Your Own Water Well with A DIY Water Well Kit

Clean drinking water is something that everybody needs to always have access to. Sadly, the problem of water scarcity is rampant in many places all over the world, especially the third world countries. Even in the US, the frequent occurrence of hurricanes has made it imperative to find a way to access more water resources to use during emergencies. A wonderful way of doing so is to create your own water well with the help of the large bore water well kit. Which you can see in action in the following video: DIY Water Well Drilling By Hand

DIY Water Well - Drill Your Own Water Well

DIY Water Well – Here are the steps that you need to follow:

STEP 1: Getting a large bore water well kit

You need to get hold of a large-bore water well kit which contains a 25 feet water well hand pump, a water well auger, a good screen assembly, and a good cap assembly. Along with these you also need to procure pliers, hacksaw, pipe wrenches, PVC primer and cement, parachute cord, well casing, bags of pea gravel and cement, and drill pipes.

STEP 2: Find the appropriate location to dig

Now you need to find the appropriate location for digging. After that, you need to start digging with the help of the water well auger. It is better to go for a 7-inch hole. You need to attach drill pipes to the auger when the hole becomes deeper. The top layer of the soil, clay layer and the water-bearing sand layer need to be penetrated till you reach the second clay layer.

STEP 3: Put the well screen assembly

Now you can put in the well screen assembly after attaching the appropriate length of PVC pipe to it with the help of PVC collars and PVC primer and cement such that a foot of the pipe remains above the ground. The well screen assembly side of the pipe needs to go in first.

STEP 4: Fill the gaps around the PVC pipe

The next step is to fill the gaps around the PVC pipe with the help of pea gravel, the clay which you have dug out, and cement mixed with water to seal the gap.

STEP 5: Insert the pump

Finally, you can put the actual pump inside. This water pump must be assembled by attaching riser pipes and then put into the PVC pipe. You need to flush out the dirty water totally. After that, you need to tie the parachute cord to the end of the pump and attach the other end to the underside of the well cap.

The well cap needs to be installed and the extra layer of PVC pipe around the pump pipe is to be hacked away carefully. This inner pipe has to be cut to the point where you want the pump handle. Just put the handle on to the pipe with a connector.

Your water pump is ready to use whenever you need it! Try out this technique to make your own DIY water well with the large bore water well kit.