Make Sure You Always Have Access to Clean Water with Emergency Water Well

When disaster strikes, having an Emergency Water Well ensures access to clean water.

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¡Get Your DIY Water Well Kit at the Best Price!

Emergency Water Well | Make Sure You Always Have Access to Clean Water

Who said that access to clean water is expensive? With Emergency Water Well, you will rely on clean water 24/7! With our DIY water well kits and hand pumps, you can be sure that your place will have clean water access at all times.

Having clean, drinking water is an essential right for all of us. For this reason, everyone should have the perfect solution whenever there isn’t any water supply nearby! With our stainless steel technology, you’ll have that solution without any hassle.

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Serving in all the United States, Emergency Water Well provides you with the best water well kits and pumps.  Scroll through all of our products here and count on the perfect water supply system in your own house!

America's largest provider of DIY water well kits.

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Get Your DIY Water Well Kit at the Best Price 

No matter where you live, you can’t depend on your public water supply to always be there for you. In fact, drought, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even floods can disrupt the public water supply for unknown lengths of time! That’s why you must have clean water at hand at all times.

But, how can you ensure that you’ll have clean water access? Simple! Using our DIY water well kits. Our kits make drilling your own water well by hand simple and efficient.

The process of our one-of-a-kind water well kits consists on only 3 steps:

  1. Drill a hole at an appropriate location.
  2. Assemble and set your well screen and casing.
  3. Insert the water pump system and fill in the hole!

It’s that easy! You won’t need to spend more than a day to get your clean, drinking water. Our DIY Water Well Kits are just what you need to be in control of your access to water.

Additionally, you can get either a large-bore or a small-bore water well kit! A large-bore kit comes with its own, a 25-feet water well hand pump, auger, well screen assembly, and cap assembly on its original packaging. Be sure to buy separately a 4 PVC pipe as well for this presentation.

The large-bore kit works perfectly for both hand and electric pumps! Additionally, you can use your large kit for other purposes, such as watering your lawn and emergency water.

In case you’re looking for a smaller and more portable package, then you should definitely go for our small-bore kit. This presentation acts as the perfect Bug-Out-Box whenever you want to be prepared for any trip you got in mind!

Lastly, you can purchase each supply individually in case you only need certain items. Some of these items include our cap assemblies, augers, and screen assemblies. That way, you can be sure to count on everything you need for your water system.

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Water Is Life and a Human Right 

Out of their compassion for the people in developing countries who do not have access to clean drinking water, Jody and Adrienne founded Emergency Water Well. After living through two devastating hurricanes in the U.S., they saw the need for emergency access to water in their own backyard.

They have drilled countless wells for over 10 years and have developed these easy, affordable DIY water well kits. With these ideal kits, you can drill your own water well and make sure you always have access to clean drinking water.

Check our various products here and make your order today! We cover all 50 states with our shipping option!

Quality Water Well Hand Pumps That’ll Last You Decades 

Along our DIY Water Well Kits, our team also provides you with the best Deep Well Hand Pumps for your place! Being the largest manufacturer of Do-It-Yourself water well kits in North America, you can be sure that you will get the best technology for your water systems.

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Here at Emergency Water Well, we make sure that you get the finest water well hand pumps. Our 100% American hand-operated water pumps will provide you, your family, and your home fresh water for decades!

You can purchase these and more from our website:

  • Water Well Hand Pump - 4’ to 25’
  • Hand Pump Extension Set
  • Water Well Hand Pump 4’ to 50’

Our product prices can get as low as $109! Be sure to place your order by checking our shop!

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